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Here's how to protect yourself from the smoke

June 21, 2013 from The Gazette

It has traveled 200 miles across mountains, forests and streams, and now it lingers over southern Colorado. As if a real-life, ever-present Instagram filter, smoke - at times heavy and nauseating for some - has draped much of the Pikes Peak region since Wednesday evening.

Black Forest residents with big losses take first steps toward recovery from wildfire

June 20, 2013 from The Gazette

Eric Olson gazed at a pile of ash, mangled steel and cooled coal, envisioned a beautiful greenhouse and vowed action. "This is the resurrection," Olson said. As the somber drumbeat of residents filing into areas worst hit by the Black Forest fire continued Wednesday, homeowners and the newly homeless shifted their focus from viewing the devastation to recovering from it.

Smoke, airborne particulates can be harmful

June 13, 2013 from The Gazette

There is plenty of smoke in the air and some people are more susceptible than others to the dangers of airborne particulates. Here is some cautionary advice from the El Paso County Health Department:

See or smell smoke? Head inside, if you can

June 12, 2013 from Colorado Springs Independent

According to El Paso County Public Health, there's little to be gained from spending time outside today — unless you're on your way to check in on a neighbor.

RAMSEY: Yes! Smoking Departs Security Service Field

April 3, 2013 from The Gazette

Starting Thursday, those who smoke will have their own special place outside Security Service Field, home of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. Comfortable chairs and plentiful ashtrays await smokers, but notice I said their special place is outside the stadium.

Commissioners See Shades of Brown in Hanover

April 3, 2013 from Colorado Springs Independent

Most of us would be happier believing that poop simply disappears once it's flushed down the toilet. But it does go somewhere. Just ask the residents of rural Hanover, who have recently received an earful on — and in some cases, a lung-ful of — treated human sewage, otherwise known as "biosolids."

County Medical Director Assesses Situation

April 2, 2013 from Colorado Springs Business Journal

The new medical director at El Paso County Public Health has been in Colorado Springs for only eight months, but he’s been busy. Dr. Bill Letson views his job as the chance to prevent sickness and death from various diseases. Early disease prevention, he says, is the most cost-effective way to approach health and well-being for the entire population.

Group to Study El Paso County Child Deaths

February 25, 2013 from The Gazette

Children die from many things: Abuse and neglect. Car and bicycle accidents. Drowning. Choking. Swallowing batteries. No one would suggest that a community can eliminate every child fatality, but a local group from the nonprofit, medical, judicial and government arenas hopes to at least minimize juvenile deaths by learning more about what caused them. Toward that end, the group is looking into reviving a local child fatality review committee that would track the causes of each child death in El Paso County, detect trends based on the data, and use the findings to raise public awareness and, perhaps, influence policymaking and legislation at the state level.

County Expands Water Testing Program

February 18, 2013 from The Gazette

A bigger laboratory and new equipment for El Paso County Public Health should translate into savings for public water systems and residents with private wells. Public Health’s lab is the only facility in the Pikes Peak region that is certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to perform testing for inorganic contaminants including fluoride, nitrate-N and bromide.

Mealworms Found in Batch of Soup at Harrison High Lunch

February 6, 2013 from The Gazette

The menu said turkey noodle soup, but students at Harrison High School found a little extra protein in their lunch Wednesday. After a student discovered a mealworm or weevil in his soup, cafeteria workers found more insects in the batch of soup. “The lunch ladies immediately pulled the soup off the line,” Harrison School District 2 spokeswoman Christine Lyle said. “Luckily, it was caught during the first five to 10 minutes of the very first lunch.”

Losing Ground Part 4: Health Care

January 23, 2013 from The Gazette

Lucero Barrios is Latina and a new mother — circumstances that place her squarely in a group of people affected by a shocking reality in Colorado: A Hispanic baby born in this state is 63 percent more likely than a white baby to die in the first year of life.

Flu Prevention Tips

January 22, 2013 from KXRM (FOX) Channel 21