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Losing Ground Part 4: Health Care

January 23, 2013 from The Gazette

Lucero Barrios is Latina and a new mother — circumstances that place her squarely in a group of people affected by a shocking reality in Colorado: A Hispanic baby born in this state is 63 percent more likely than a white baby to die in the first year of life.

Flu Prevention Tips

January 22, 2013 from KXRM (FOX) Channel 21

Flu Prevention Tips

January 22, 2013 from KRDO (ABC) Channel 13

Bedbugs are Popular Pests in the Springs

January 22, 2013 from The Gazette

Mike Collins has bedbugs. Ten of them, to be precise. He keeps them in vials in his pocket, in case his partner needs a little motivation.

Nasty Flu Continues to Plague Colorado, Nation

January 22, 2013 from KXRM (FOX) Channel 21

The flu continues to plague the nation, having sickened hundreds of thousands from California to New Jersey. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this flu season began early and has been unusually vigorous. To date, at least one flu death has been reported in El Paso County, with four total in Colorado.

Tips to Avoid Getting the Flu

January 22, 2013 from KRDO (ABC) Channel 13

The flu is infecting many across the nation, and doctors say they expect the flu season to last for longer this year than usual. Experts say the best defense against the flu is getting vaccinated, adding that it is not too late to get the vaccine. Bill Letson, medical director with El Paso County Public Health, said hand washing is also key to staying healthy.

Flu Claims Life of Child in El Paso County; Cases Climb

January 15, 2013 from The Gazette

A toddler from El Paso County has died from the flu, the fourth pediatric death in Colorado in an early, active flu season, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported Tuesday.

2 Colorado Children's Deaths Tied to Influenza

December 28, 2012 from The Gazette

The 2012-13 flu season may not end up being the worst in El Paso County history, but it’s shaping up to be an active one, with 33 people hospitalized since Oct. 7. In the same time frame last year, the county recorded 15 hospitalizations.

Smokers need not apply at affordable housing complex

December 21, 2012 from The Gazette

Smokers looking for affordable housing in Colorado Springs can write the Uintah Park Apartments off their list. Greccio Housing bought the 21-unit complex at 2525 E. Uintah Street earlier this year, and in the process of renovating it, decided it was a good opportunity to make it the first non-smoking property in its inventory of housing for low- to middle-income people.

Cocooning as a Defense Against Whooping Cough

December 20, 2012 from KOAA News 5

New numbers show Colorado is experiencing its worst whooping cough outbreak in at least 6 decades. That's prompting health officials to urge families to take the necessary precautions to protect their children, and one of the best defenses is a method called Cocooning. It simply means vaccinating all of the adolescents and adults who are consistently around the baby and could likely pass on Whooping Cough to the infant.

It's Easy to Avoid the Flu Bug

December 5, 2012 from The Gazette

Thousands of El Paso County residents will get flu shots this season, but thousands more who probably should get them won’t.That happens annually, but this year the flu bug has surfaced a bit earlier (no one knows why) than usual so public health officials are trying to raise awareness. There have been six local hospitalizations for flu so far and usually flu cases don’t surface until January.