Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise

On June 16, 2017, El Paso County Public Health participated in a full-scale, statewide Public Health Emergency Response Event to test the community’s response procedures during a health crisis. The exercise lasted for two full days, and encompassed over 50 partners from the community. Participants included local, regional, state, federal, public and private aprtners, volutneer organizations and the general public. 

About 200 volunteers from the general public showed up to walk through a mock clinic to test Public Health’s emergency dispensing procedures at Rampart High School.Volunteers participated in activities such as filling out intake forms, consulting with public health staff, and receiving “medicine.”

These volunteers were important because they helpeed El Paso County’s response system practice their procedures, and allowed people to learn more about what they, their family or organization would do during a public health emergency.

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PHED Ex 2017 Video