Eligibility & Fees


WIC clinics will be closed October 23 and 24.
The Immunization Clinic will be closed October 28 & 29 for a flu vaccine clinic in Falcon School District 49.

For Reproductive Health

Reproductive health services are available on a sliding scale fee. Some services are billable to Medicaid. Patients should be prepared to provide income documentation. Donations are appreciated and help with continued funding.

Please note that clinical services are provided with revenues from federal and state grants and fees paid by clients. No client will be denied reproductive health services because of an inability to pay.

For Immunization and Vaccines

The Immunization and Travel Clinic provides vaccines to two types of clients:

  • Children and adults requiring routine immunizations
  • Adults and children requiring special immunizations for travel to foreign countries.

There is an administrative fee for children’s immunizations. When you make an appointment, staff will discuss these fees with you.