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Report an Animal Bite

What bites should be reported?

  • ALL ANIMAL BITES OR EXPOSURES involving people are legally reportable in Colorado.
  • Wild animal (including skunk, bat, raccoon, coyote, fox, etc.) exposures to domestic animals are also reportable. Note that bat bites can be too small to detect. All bat-human or bat-domestic animal interactions must be reported.

Who is required to report a bite?

  • Animal control agencies, physicians, veterinarians or any person having knowledge of an animal bite needs to report it to El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH).

How do I report bites?

  • To report animal bites or wild animal exposures within any area of El Paso County, complete the form through this secure animal bite reporting portal.

Why else should I report?

  • Rabies Control:
    • Reporting allows Public Health to investigate whether the biting animal may have transmitted rabies to the bite victim.
    • Rabies is endemic in our local bats and skunks, and can be transmitted to other animals and to people.

What happens when I report a bite?

  • When reporting a bite, be prepared to give details about the date of the bite, the victim, and the biting animal (such as location, species, breed, and circumstance of bite). These details are very important in investigating risk of rabies transmission.
  • If the animal is located, it is evaluated for rabies either by a quarantine and observation period, or by testing the animal after death. Most reported bites are caused by dogs and cats. Quarantine periods for dogs and cats are a minimum of 10 days and are the responsibility of the owner. Notification of the need to quarantine a biting animal for 10 days will be provided to the owner (if known) by EPCPH.
  • Biting wild animal species that are at high risk of carrying rabies (bat, skunk, fox, raccoon, coyote) are only tested, not quarantined.
  • Wildlife that aren’t normally known to carry rabies are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

EPCPH is not an animal control agency and does not impound animals. However, EPCPH may work in conjunction with animal control agencies when needed. All other animal-related complaints or concerns for animal welfare must be reported to the appropriate animal control agency.

**A report of a bite from an animal does not mean that the animal is deemed dangerous. Animals may bite while playful, or the bite may be entirely provoked. Individuals that believe an animal may be dangerous need to file a separate report with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

To report an animal bite, please click here.