Safer at Home Phase

Understanding the Safer at Home Phase

On April 27, the state moved to the “Safer at Home” phase. During this phase, Coloradans are no longer ordered to stay home, but are still strongly encouraged to do so. Vulnerable population and seniors must continue staying home except for when it is absolutely necessary to leave. Normal in-person instruction at K-12 school districts and post-secondary institutions remains suspended.

It’s important to note that there may be a fluctuation between the levels to recover from outbreaks, meaning that Colorado could return to the “Stay at Home” phase if there is a significant increase in cases or spread of COVID-19. If hot spots are determined in certain areas, counties may revert to the “Stay at Home” phase or additional protective measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Local governments will have the opportunity to implement stricter restrictions, particularly those that may be experiencing an outbreak. 

What does the “Safer at Home” phase look like for El Paso County? Here’s a quick summary: 

For the General Public 
- Residents should continue to stay at home as much as possible. 
- If you must be in public, wearing a cloth face covering is strongly encouraged and you should continue to keep at least six feet between yourself and others. 
- No gatherings of more than 10 people. 
- Avoid unnecessary travel. 
- Do NOT leave your house if you are feeling at all sick. 
- Vulnerable populations should continue to follow "Stay at Home" guidelines, and stay home unless it's absolutely necessary to leave. 

For Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities 
- There will be additional precautions, including more testing and required mask-wearing. 

For Businesses 
- Critical businesses will remain open with strict precautions. 
- Non-Critical businesses were allowed to open at 50 percent capacity starting May 4, offices are advised to have symptom and temperature checks in place for all employees coming into the office. 
- Telecommuting should be maximized, especially for vulnerable communities.
- Warehouses and manufacturers are encouraged to run multiple shifts if possible to stagger workforce and maintain 50 percent capacity. 
- Child care facilities can re-open with strict precautions. 
- Personal services (such as salons, tattoo parlors, dog groomers, dental offices, personal training, etc.) can reopen with strict precautions. 
- Real estate sales can continue with private showings, but no open houses. 
- Elective surgeries can resume with precautions. 
- K-12 education facilities will remain closed. 
- Bars and clubs will remain closed to in-person services for the time being and can still offer take-out/delivery if applicable.
- Restaurants were allowed to reopen in El Paso County on May 23 and in all of Colorado on May 27, with limitations and strict precautions.

Gov. Jared Polis' Safer at Home Guidance From Press Conference, April 20, 2020

Guidelines forthcoming
Stay at HomeSafer at Home
Distancing goalAchieve 75%-80% physical distancingAchieve 60%-65% physical distancing
General Public Measures-Ordered to stay at home, except when absolutely necessary
-Strongly advised face coverings in public
- No gatherings over 10
-Sick people may not go to work
-Avoid unnecessary travel
-Encouraged to stay at home, except when absolutely necessary
-Strongly advised face coverings in public
- No gatherings over 10
-Sick people may not go to work
-Avoid unnecessary travel
Vulnerable populations and seniorsStay at home, except when absolutely necessaryStay at home, except when absolutely necessary
Critical BusinessesOpen, with strict precautionsOpen, with strict precautions
Nursing Homes and congregate care facilitiesStrict precautions and protectionsStrict precautions and protections
RetailOnly critical openOpen for curbside delivery and phased-in public opening with strict precautions
Child careClosed, except for essential workersOpen, with strict precautions
Education (Higher Ed, K-12)ClosedClosed
Personal Services (salons, tattoo parlors, dog grooming, personal training, etc.)ClosedOpen, with strict precautions
Real EstateClosedShowings can begin, but no open houses

El Paso County Public Health will continue to add details to this list as they become available. In the meantime, the important thing to remember about the “Safer at Home” phase is that we’re not out of the woods yet. We have come so far, Colorado, and we need to continue to commit to the safety and health of ourselves and our community so we don’t take any steps backwards. 

The next phase after the “Safer At Home” phase will be the “Protect Our Neighbors” phase, which will look a lot more like life before the pandemic, but we can only get there if we continue to keep our distance as much as possible, wear our face coverings, wash our hands, and do our best to prevent further spread of COVID-19. 

Level 1: Stay at HomeLevel 2: Safer at HomeLevel 3: Protect our Neighbors
People stay home with limited exceptionsMost people still stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary social interactionsIt's safer for people to socialize more normally, while taking significant precautions
Widespread suppression is required to stem exponential disease transmissionStrong protections for vulnerable populationsStrong protections for vulnerable populations are still needed
Health care capacity is limitedHealth care capacity is increasingHealthcare capacity is robust
Testing and monitoring capacity is still being builtTesting and monitoring capacity is increasingTesting and monitoring capacity working at scale

* Fluctuation between levels may be needed to recover from outbreaks while consistently protecting vulnerable populations and allowing for economic growth and sustainability.

For more details on the state’s plan, take a look at the Governor’s full PowerPoint presentation about the “Safer At Home” Phase here

Stay Home. Save Lives.