Infant Health

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age, most often occurring when a baby is between two and four months old. In 2008, Colorado had 41 SIDS deaths. Eleven (26.8 percent) of those deaths occurred in El Paso County. SIDS deaths in El Paso County accounted 18.6 percent of all infant deaths in 2008. In order to reduce the risk for SIDS, babies should sleep:

  • Alone on their backs
  • Alone in a safety-approved crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and tight-fitting crib sheet—NEVER on a soft surface, such as a couch, futon, chair, or bean bag
  • Without soft objects, such as pillows, bumper pads, blankets, and stuffed animals in the their crib
  • In a comfortable temperature and dressed appropriately so he/she doesn’t overheat
  • In a smoke-free environment

The Maternal Child Health program provides SIDS risk reduction education to medical providers, hospitals, community agencies, and the public. If you have questions about SIDS or creating a safe sleep environment, please call Public Health at (719) 578-3199 and choose the option for All Other Departments then the option for Maternal Child Health or e-mail [email protected].