Report an Animal Bite

Colorado law requires that all animal bites to humans or pets be reported. This includes any bite from a pet or wild animal.

In addition to bites, people should report any close contact with bats. Bats may carry rabies and their bites are often too small to detect.

Be prepared to give details about when the bite happened, the victim, and the biting animal (such as location, species, breed, and circumstance of bite)

Why report?

  • Reporting allows Public Health to investigate if the bite victim is at risk for rabies.
  • All mammals, but particularly skunks and bats, may carry rabies in El Paso County. Infected animals transmit rabies in their saliva.  

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EPCPH is not an animal control agency and does not impound animals. All other animal-related complaints or concerns for animal welfare should be reported to the appropriate animal control agency. For concerns about: