El Paso County Vaccine Distribution Update

El Paso County is currently focused on vaccinating priority populations in Phases 1A and 1B of Colorado's COVID-19 phased vaccine distribution plan.

Phase 1A includes high-risk health care workers and individuals. Phase 1B includes everyone age 70 and older and other specific categories. To learn more about the phases of vaccine distribution, visit the El Paso County Public Health vaccine web page.

Click here if you are a person age 70 and older and seeking information about vaccines.

Please visit the Vaccine Dashboard page for more information. 

WIC Breastfeeding Help

WIC has Skilled Lactation Staff

• In-person and virtual assistance
• International Board Certified Lactation Consultants
• Certified Lactation Counselors
• WIC Lactation Management Specialists

1-on-1 Breastfeeding Counseling

• Difficulty latching
• Sore nipples
• Low milk supply
• Mastitis
• Thrush
• Pre-term/NICU
• Supplementation
• Return to work
• Pumping plans
• Pump flange fittings
• Flat/inverted nipples
• Relactation