Public Health will not be administering tuberculosis skin tests until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Health Education Materials

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About Public Health

Air Quality

  • Brochure: Facts About Radon in the Pikes Peak Region

Animal-to-Human Diseases

  • Brochure: Facts About Rabies
  • Brochure: Facts About Bats and Rabies
  • Brochure: Facts About Hantavirus
  • Brochure: Facts About Plague
  • Brochure: Facts About Tick-Borne Illnesses
  • Brochure: Facts About Tularemia
  • Fight the Bite Colorado  website (West Nile virus)


Children's Health

Communicable (Infectious) Diseases

Community Health Data & Statistics

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Family Resources

Food Safety

Health Services

  • Schedule  a Health Exam - Protect Your Health 
  • Brochure: International Travel Clinic
  • Training: Colorado School Rules & Regulations Training

Infectious Disease Reports


  • Mold: Frequently Asked Questions

Septic Systems (Onsite Wastewater Systems)

  • Brochure: Maintaining Your Septic System

Tobacco Education and Prevention

  • Brochure: Facts About Secondhand Smoke