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Transfer of Title: Acceptance Document Application

Per Section 8.4.O. of the El Paso County Board of Health Regulations, Chapter 8, effective January 1, 2015, El Paso County Public Health requires a property owner, or transferor, of a residence or other building/facility served by an on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS) to have an inspection of that system to demonstrate that the system is functioning according to design prior to the sale or transfer of title of the property.

The OWTS inspections required for the Transfer of Title are submitted electronically to El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH) within 3 working days of the inspection date by an El Paso County Certified Inspector (Revised 03/19). The inspections are reviewed upon submittal for completeness, and EPCPH shall notify the Certified Inspector of any inspection omissions with 2 business days of receipt. The Certified Inspector shall then submit a revised inspection report within 2 working days.

EPCPH will review the completed inspection report, and prepare all properly submitted Acceptance Document applications (application is located below). EPCPH Acceptance Documents are valid until the date of the real estate closing, or for a period of 6 months, whichever comes first. Once the real estate closing has been completed, the Acceptance Document need not be renewed.

The fee for submitting an Acceptance Document application is $55.

Provided it has not expired, an Acceptance Document may be renewed one time upon completion of the appropriate form and payment of the required fee.

If it is determined by EPCPH that an OWTS does not meet the requirements for issuance of an Acceptance Document, a Conditional Acceptance Document may be issued, provided that the purchaser of the property, or the assigned agent agrees to obtain a permit and complete all necessary repairs to the OWTS (or connect to a sanitation district, if appropriate) within 90 days of occupancy of the structure.  If conditions, such as frozen ground, limit the ability to complete all necessary repairs, the 90 days allowed the purchaser may be extended by EPCPH.

Please contact the Environmental Health Division with any questions at 719-578-3199, option 3.

Complete the online application below.

For a more streamlined process, in the sections provided, please be sure to include the emails for the Seller's Agent, Buyer's Agent, and your Title Company Contact.