A skunk has tested positive for rabies in Black Forest, Colorado. We urge residents to protect themselves by never touching or feeding wild or stray animals, and keeping pets up to date on rabies vaccination. 

El Paso County Public Health is now accepting Tricare and is able to bill certain insurance providers for the vaccinations you receive at our Adult & Child Immunization clinic. Click here for a list of participating providers.

Flu season is upon us – now is the time to get a flu shot to protect yourself against the seasonal virus. The CDC recommends everyone six months of age and older should get a shot every year, ideally before the end of October. Flu vaccine is available at El Paso County Public Health’s Immunization Clinic.

Body art facilities and retail food establishments can now pay their 2017 license renewal online through the El Paso County Public Health website.

Effective January 1, 2017, the Citizens Service Center, 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd., and Centennial Hall, 200 S. Cascade Ave., will be tobacco free environments for all employees and visitors. For those interested in quitting tobacco use, the Colorado QuitLine is accessible via phone at 1-800-784-8669 or online at www.coquitline.org


PFCs are a family of human-made chemicals that do not occur naturally in the environment. These compounds are found in firefighting foams, coating additives and surface protection products for carpets and clothing, and other common commercial products. In Colorado, only the Security/Widefield/Fountain area detected PFCs.

We have announced the licensed retail food establishments who have been regonized for Excellence in Food Safety for 2016. These establishments have consistently maintained superior food safety practices throughout the year.

About El Paso County Public Health

About El Paso County Public Health

Our mission is to promote and protect public health and environmental quality in the community through people, prevention and partnerships. El Paso County Public Health is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and serves the estimated 622,263 residents of El Paso County and visitors. El Paso County includes the cities and towns of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Calhan, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls, Monument, Palmer Lake and Ramah. The median age of El Paso County residents, according to the 2010 Census Bureau, was 34. Seventy-two percent of residents are white, 15 percent are Hispanic, 5.8 percent are black, and 7.3 percent are other race and ethnicities.