Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

El Paso County Public Health inspects and regulates on-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS). We protect public health and the environment by preventing human exposure to sewage and the contamination of our groundwater by ensuring the proper placement, design, installation, and maintenance of OWTS.

We focus on regulation of wastewater treatment systems associated with both commercial and residential facilities that are not serviced by a municipal wastewater system. There are an estimated 30,000 operating OWTS in El Paso County.


  • Effective June 13, 2022, we will no longer be conducting field work or final inspections on Wednesdays until further notice.
  • As of January 1, 2022, EPCPH will require profile pits for any site along the HWY 24 W corridor to remain open for site inspection, prior to issuance of an OWTS permit.

Access Permit Information

El Paso County Septic Permits are viewable online. The information is available on the El Paso County Assessor’s Public Records Real Estate Property Search website. This allows OWTS permit and as-built information to be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not all parcels or properties have complete OWTS system records on file.

If the OWTS system record cannot be found online, please email us at HEAsepticinfo@elpasoco.com for assistance.

Final Inspections

The last day to request a 2024 OWTS Inspection will be December 20, 2024. OWTS Inspections or field work WILL NOT be conducted by EPCPH Staff between December 23, 2024 and January 3, 2025. Inspections will resume January 6, 2025.

a person in blue gloves touching a septic cover in the grass