Prevention Services

Tobacco Education & Prevention

The Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (TEPP) is a grant-funded program that works with community partners to:

  1. Help adults and youth quit tobacco
  2. Prevent youth from starting tobacco
  3. Decrease exposure to secondhand smoke
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Youth Suicide Prevention

Convened by EPCPH since 2015, the El Paso County Youth Suicide Prevention [YSP] Workgroup engages community partners to take collective action to support youth mental health, well-being, and suicide prevention. Since its inception, the YSP Workgroup has had 66 partner agencies and 24 community members and parents contribute to this work, including school districts, parents, behavioral health providers, faith community leaders, hospitals, the El Paso County Coroner’s Office, and other organizations that work closely with youth.

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Communities That Care (CTC)

The residents of Fountain Valley are taking important steps to address youth substance use and abuse by implementing Communities That Care (CTC), a prevention system that has been proven to reduce alcohol and tobacco use, crime and violence among youth. The Fountain Valley is part of a statewide CTC effort that seeks to promote healthy youth development, improve outcomes, and reduce problem behaviors among youth through achieving the following objectives:

  • Reduce risk or increase protective factors commonly associated with underage use or abuse of substances.
  • Delay initiation and reduce current use of marijuana, alcohol, and opioids among middle and/or high school students.

Behavioral Health

Everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, income, or religion, faces challenges with their mood, emotions, and behavior from time to time. It is important to talk about our mental health with someone we trust and seek professional care when we need it, just as we would with a physical injury or ailment.

Need help? If you or someone needs support call: 1-844-494-TALK (8255) or text “TALK” to 38255 to connect with Colorado Crisis Services Hotline. OR Call/Text 988 to speak to a trained crisis worker at the National Suicide Hotline.