Child Care

We help protect children and staff from foodborne illness and other infectious diseases by inspecting child care facilities, and providing education about proper hand washing, sanitizing and food handling.

El Paso County has over 360 licensed child care facilities. Environmental Health Specialists inspect child care facilities to assure compliance with the Colorado Regulations Governing Health and Sanitation of Child Care Facilities. We also investigate consumer complaints, assist with illness investigations and conduct thorough reviews of plans for new and remodeled facilities.

To file a complaint or express a concern about a child care center, email or call

a group of people playing with toys in a playroom


  • A Room Change application is required for adding additional rooms and/or relicensing existing rooms.
  • A Review of Potential Childcare Establishment is for the evaluation of a potential site that is not yet determined for a Plan Review.
  • If you choose not to complete an electronic application, completed PDF applications can be emailed to, mailed, or delivered to the Environmental Health Office.