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Body Art Inspection

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Environmental Health Specialists routinely inspect body art establishments and respond to complaints to assure compliance with the El Paso County Board of Health Body Art Regulations.  The regulations help to prevent the occurrence of blood borne pathogens and other communicable diseases through training and enforcement of sanitary standards. 

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Body Artists

Acceptable Courses for Body Artist Bloodborne Pathogen Training Requirement

El Paso County Body Art Regulations (Updated 2016)

Body Art Temporary Event Coordinator Application

Licensed Facilities  (Revised 03/23/2017)


Body Art Facility Operators

Body Art Establishment Plan Review Application

Owner/Contractor Contact Information

Environmental Health Service Request Form

Licensed Facilities (Revised 03/23/2017)


Body Art Consumers

Licensed Facilities (Revised 03/23/2017)

El Paso County Body Art Regulations (Updated 2016)

File a complaint about a Body Art Establishment

Advisory Group

The Body Art Advisory Group (BAAG) was organized to allow for information sharing between public health and industry.  The groups purpose is to encourage constructive feedback on customer service, policies and regulations, work together to improve the Body Art Program using current science, technology and educational opportunities and to prevent infectious disease in our community. 

Meetings are held at the Public Health offices in the Citizens Service Center located at 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Road.  For more information, call 719-578-3142. 

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