Retail Food Establishments

We provide information on inspections of restaurants and other eateries throughout El Paso County, as well as providing food safety information both to businesses and consumers throughout El Paso County. We promote public health in every outlet from school kitchens to retail grocery stores.

Pursuant to Colorado law, businesses that provide food to the public must be licensed and registered. We provide the licensing forms and information you will need for opening a restaurant, mobile food unit, or even renovating an existing restaurant.We work to protect you from foodborne illness by conducting detailed health inspections and educating staff members in about 2,300 food establishments in El Paso County.

File a complaint or express a concern about a retail food establishment

Review Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are available online. To use this service, you will leave Public Health's website and use a third party site that provides Public Health information for your convenience.

  • Please note dates and types of inspections, whether routine, complaint-based or follow-up.
  • Inspection reports online include those conducted since January 2009. New inspection reports will be added as they are completed.
  • Official hard copies of inspections are available for review during business hours at Public Health.
  • You can search by establishment name or address.
  • By default the last three inspection reports will be shown, if date range is not specified.

Related Information

Colorado State Retail Food Establishment (RFE) Regulations: 

Colorado Cottage Foods Act

Colorado Cottage Foods Act

In 2012, the Colorado Legislature enacted Senate Bill 12-048 allowing individuals to produce, sell and store certain types of “cottage food” products in an unlicensed home kitchen. Cottage food products include such items as spices, teas, dehydrated produce, nuts, seeds, honey, candies, jams, jellies and certain non-potentially hazardous baked goods. Cottage food operations are subject to the requirements of Senate Bill 12-048, but require no license or permit from El Paso County Public Health or from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and are not inspected by any state or local government entity.


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