Drug Take-Back Resources

Safely Disposing of Medications

To prevent unused, unwanted, and outdated medications from being misused, harming the environment, or falling into the hands of children and animals, drug take-back programs provide an opportunity for the community to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths by disposing of unused or expired prescription drugs.

image of medication blister packets stacked on top of each other.

There are several locations in El Paso County that participate in drug take-back programs. Make sure to call to verify acceptance and hours:

  • Fountain Police Department 719-382-8555
  • Kaiser-Permanente (Pharmacy) 719-282-2466
  • Manitou Springs Police Department 719-685-5407
  • Monument Police Department 719-481-3253
  • Penrose Hospital 719-776-5000
  • Walgreens 719-380-9438
  • Prescription medications, including prescribed controlled substances (DEA Schedule II– V).
  • Over-the-counter medications.
  • Liquid medications (small amounts in original, non-leaking containers).
  • Medicated patches (Used Fentanyl and Duragesic® patches are extremely hazardous. They may be folded in half, sticky-side together, and flushed down the toilet.)
  • Medication samples.
  • Medicated ointments.
  • Vitamins.
  • Pet medications.
  • Unused drug injection cartridges, e.g. unused EpiPens® and insulin pens (must be unused with needle still protected inside).
  • Unused inhaler canisters, e.g. Advair®, Spiriva®, ProAir® and Ventolin® (must be unused, no empty canisters or unneeded plastic holders/mouth pieces).
  • Put all pills in one zip-lock bag, seal it tightly and drop the bag into the collection receptacle.
  • Trash or recycle the empty pill containers after you remove or scratch out personal information.
  • If other packaging, such as cardboard boxes, can be easily removed, please dispose of it separately.
  • Colorado- Safe Needle Disposal