Family enjoying a meal together

October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month

October 11, 2023

October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. It’s a great time to start enjoying meals together if you’re not already doing so. Eating together goes beyond what we eat. According to experts, it provides the opportunity to talk about your day, share thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and enjoy listening to our loved ones. In the fast-paced lives we lead, taking time and simple steps such as eating together helps to build strong and healthy connections, in addition to the health benefits of promoting good eating habits and mindful eating.

Dinnertime discussions at the table can also help children communicate more effectively, improving their vocabulary and self-esteem. For adults, sharing a meal with family, friends or colleagues offers numerous benefits, including stress relief.

Here are some tips to observe Eat Better, Eat Together month:

  1. Make a meal together or organize a potluck with your family, friends, or coworkers.
  1. Clear your kitchen. Swap out high sodium and sugary foods for healthier versions such as fruits and vegetables.
  1. Put away the electronics. Sit down and enjoy your meal as well as each other’s company. Setting aside your phone and turning off the television allows you to focus all your attention on each other.
  1. Invite your children to help in the kitchen. Involving kids in the kitchen gives them confidence and provides them with a life-long skill. In addition, kids are more likely to eat what they have a role in preparing.

Eating together can happen at any time of the day, whenever it works best for you and your loved ones. If dinner is not a good time to eat together, try breakfast, lunch, or tea/coffee breaks. Keep in mind the benefits of sharing time with your loved ones and make it part of your schedule. Bon appetite!